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insurer is no longer covering flu shots at a time when obama care wants all preevent tif services to be covered. $5 for an ekg. >> five bucks? >> i said to my office staff we can't work with this insurance anymore. insurers are struggling with the regulations. they are trying to keep the bottom line by cutting doctors, fees to doctors. >> they won't pay for certain services so you won't order the test because you don't get paid for it. >> doctors are angry. kathleen sebelius says she doesn't work for the critics. 700,000 plus doctors don't work for you. >> yet you are being controlled by the rules and regulations. >> great point. a survey came out this week. 40% say they won't play ball with obama care. what choice do they have? >> they have to go to a cash business. >> if they can, they will. all cash businesses are on the way up. more concierge medicine. they can join a hospital, if the hospital is playing ball with with obama care. you might get to keep your doctor, but maybe not your hospital. fewer hospitals are accepting -- working with this insurance. >> you don't even know
this insurance? no, no, no. i can't say it's due to obama care but it's a quince kens. haung. >> good to see you. >> "the kelly file" is investigating your obama care stories. maybe i just told you mine that's due to banl. i can't keep my plan or my doctors and i'm not happy. >>> up next, a man who said he had to sell his business because of the health care overhaul. his warning for americans. >>> and the latest documents on the terrifying scene from l.a.x. today as crowds of people scrambled after a gunman opened fire inside the terminal. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrft. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to h
to keep their health insurance, yes, you can. and the following 3 1/2 years, mr. obama and administration officials repeated this promise. so many times that the white house website, white now has 102,000 matches for the words, quote, you can keep your insurance, unquote. this week, president obama went to boston on the same day health and human services secretary appeared on capitol hill. the obama mission, a 9/11 emergency rescue of obama care after its disastrous october rollout. the tactic, defend and attack. broke out concerning 10 million americans who have health coverage under individual or small group plans. they are getting notice from insurance companies that obama care regulations mean that when it comes to keeping their current plans, no, they can't. white house spokesman is already elastsizing, adding a triple x sized caveat. the canceled plans were substandard and the new mandatory often costlier plans will be better. once the exchange website works, that is. the secretary apologized for the faulty website, but not the mass cancellation. house energy and commerce
. >> the this idea that the president didn't know goes far beyond health insurance. if you google the term obama didn't know you come up with dozens of headlines in the last couple of weeks covering the irs, conservative groups, nsa, all types of different issues. he's trying to take himself out of it. it's a crisis of credibility. >> you heard from natalie, catherine. there are millions of americans. why do you justify this? >> first of all, why do you justify not digging a little further? let me tell you another horror story. wait, wait. >> did i ask for a horror story? natalie is 29 and helps put 14-year-old kids to sleep. >> how do you mean? i would like to sit down with gnat lapd get on the exchange. do you know what you didn't mention? >> she doesn't want it. [ multiple voices ] >> have uh you checked that out? >> as you are sitting there and the president said you have to do this. we don't care about your choice. you are limiting the choice. making people pay more. now you are saying come to a system that's broken. it's not fair. >> natalie -- hang on. natalie, speak for yourself. >> okay. so
to obama care? is that the reason sp? william yes. we have a nice pamphlet from the insurance company. it doesn't directly say it. they don't have to. we know what it is. the other sad part. >> were you doing to read from it? >> i was going to say the other sad part about the change is we have no freedom. it's supposed to be fair insurance for everybody. that would be great if it could happen. this is not the way to do it. we are forcing catholics and christians to pay for abortion and medicines and birth control that it is against their religion. >> we had a court decision on that today in the second district court in d.c. hang on right there. i want to bring in natalie. you have a website, baby sleep >> yes. >> where were you when i had my two kids? >> i don't know. how old are they? >> do you train 14-year-olds to go to sleep? if you do, whatever that is you will make a lot of money fast. all right. you have -- by the way, that's cool. i bet business is booming. >> i can't complain. yes, it's doing well. >> tell us about your health care issues. >> so i have always car
. >> what obama care is doing right now is undermining and really tearing apart private insurance companies. >> oh, yeah, and then doing such a great job, michelle. they were bankrupting american corporation. american corporations complain about the high cost of health care under those pry vatd insurance companies. >> go ahead, michelle. >> look, what they're doing is they're choking them, like kim said. they're doing it through red tape, through regulations. that's not what we need right now. we need -- what's going to happen is we're going to see employers drop tons of people into the exchanges and then we're just going to see what we're seeing in europe. >> oh, yes. is that what you say about social security, medicare, you don't like any of it. >> that's another topic. we'll do that next week. we've got to go right now. john, first topic next block. >>> coming up, after years of avoiding it, the mainstream media finally sounding the alarm about obama care. why that could be the best news we've heard in years. [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine so
. >>> think if you have insurance from your work obama care won't hit you? well, why wouldn't you? >> if your employer provides you health insurance on the job, nobody is talking about messing with that. >> so no problem for workers getting coverage from employers, right? wrong. fox confirming a report revealing the law actually expects 66% of small business plans and 45% of large company plans to get hit by obama care. that could mean up to 93 million americans may get cancellation letters. are you one of them? hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." let's get right to it. here they are. the bulls and bears this week, we have gary b. smith, tracy byrnes, jonas max ferris, john layfield and bernard whitman. welcome to everybody. gary b., another broken promise? >> absolutely, brenda. the only word i can think of that describes this is despicable. one, you know, as you pointed out right at the top, it's not going to be, you know, five million, 10 million people. the number as you pointed out is over 90 million people. that's over a quarter of the population that were, one,
that matters is whether president obama likes their health insurance are not in the more important, democratic unity is being shattered. and he now says that obamacare is like come to dougie. of course, we remember you could not be put back together. lou: it will be interesting and destructive as the senator said got to see whether or not they make that determination or frighteningly go to the extent that you suggest in your opening remark, that is, create a horrible bureaucracy that destroys a very good health care system and makes whether the problems are with our current system even worse. how do you think that -- have you think this concludes? where will we be? the republicans now want to talk about budgets and deficits rather than dealing with the fact that one year from this month we will have an election that will answer a lot of the questions on policy in the country's direction. >> the flaws and obamacare are becoming evident. the republicans have not put enough investment in proposing a clear alternative that will actually help people lives. for example, medicaid is going to be horri
of their insurance policies, how they'll have to pay astronomical premiums for new coverage and how president obama was part of a conspiracy to deceive the public about health care reform. now, look, there are legitimate questions of what the president said but all the heated rhetoric is just a latest round in the gop's multi-year campaign to sabotage the affordable care act and this white house. quote, the gop faithful kept up their crew said past the president's re-election in a pattern of massive resistance not seen since the southern states' defiance of the supreme court's brown v. board of education decision. so today, we're going to set the record straight an the letters. they aren't sweeping the nation. they're going to a small percentage of americans, most people get their insurance through their employer or the government. 5% buy it on the individual market. and the notices are going to an even smaller portion of that 5% whose policies don't meet the new standards. now, if you're one of those people who got a cancelation letter, i imagine it is scary. no one want it is lose their health co
in order to drive the engine on obama care. >> many of them will not be be able to afford health insurance. you are asking them to sign up for policies that are costing a lot more than they normally would in the insurance market because obama care is subsidizing the older people. >> i don't want to put it in a age group. anybody who found from yousitation may not go back. how do you get them to go back? >> call the 800 number and put on hold and transferred to the website or fill out the paper application. have you met anyone under the age of 30 who fills it out. nonly for my 11 cousins in dallas, no. >> we were talking about frustration accountability. secretary sebelius was along the line of people to take responsibility. we will pop up her talk on the hill and then we will talk more. >> i am frustrated and angry with the flawed launch of so let me say to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems and i am committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. >> wow, the president and now sebelius and seems
. >> the greatest place on earth. >> president obama said it over and over. if you like your insurance plan you could keep it. the health care act will not change that. it turns out that millions of americans who are buying limited coverage are receiving letters after all. the president's response. >> if you're getting one of these letters, shop around in the new marketplace. you will get a better deal. >> the law requires that health insurance now covers hospital, maternity, mental health, and prescription drugs. >> if insurers decide it is a downgrade we said under the law you have to replace them with quality, comprehensive coverage. >> why not tell that to the american people to begin with? >> that is a good question. >> thank you. i thought so. >> you ask a lot of good questions. i do not think there is an answer. it obviously was not true. that is it. >> why put yourself behind the eight ball like this? >> it was a campaign and for 98% of people it was true. but it is not for the 3% and we are hearing from them and it is a big embarrassment for the white house. >> when did he know it was
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the insurance companies are doing, it's a-okay? come on, you know, dana. >> are you sure obama care, is it really like a jackass stunt and obama's being played by johnny knoxville? >> i wish. we got to go. next on "the five," did biden almost get knocked off the president's ticket for hillary? before we go, check out our facebook page. >>> joshua, we've got to talk about the song choice. lots talk about revelation, in a new book on the 2012 election. it's called "double down." from the same guys who wrote "game changer." one of the hits was the campaign debated replacing biden with hillary clinton. tweeting last night, it wasn't even in consideration. and jay carney said this today -- >> i know for a fact that president obama never considered this. never thought about it. never entertained it. >> but obama's chief of staff during the election said a swap was considered. here's bill daly. >> it was looked at but it was never seriously looked at in a sense that there was a belief that it ought to be done. 2011, as you remember, it was a very difficult political year. my sense was, we
of the hearing. sebelius did offer an apology, and she told the committee to hold her accountable for the obama care failure. while insisting that the president did not lie when he repeatedly told americans they could keep their health care insurance if they liked it. but when pressed on whether the president was ultimately responsible for the law's failures, she got visibly agitated, tersely saying, quote, whatever. yes. he is the president. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight with our report. >> reporter: lou, kathleen sebelius defended the rollout of the president's health care law but said ultimately she is accountable. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> reporter: chairman fred upton accused sebelius and others of false advertising prior to the launch. >> over the months leading up to october 1 launch, the secretary and her colleagues at hhs repeatedly looked us in the eye and testified that everything was
by the regular laces in free insurance. >> the mess in the system p obama care is they may sour the public on anything on the internet, even things working in the private sector. >> david, i think that public is smarter than this. there are two elements that you need for a real health care revolution. one is to bring in all the entrepreneurs to satisfy this growing demand for better and cheaper health care. the second thing you need is price trans carnes si. as oz.out when you get that you get lasiks dropping tenfold over ten years. you can get your own gene sequenced anywhere from $100 to $2,000 today. we're on the cusp of an extraordinary revolution. if we only had price transparency and entrepreneurs coming in, i think that even expensive oncology treatments, to rick unger's point, would drop a lot. >> sabrina, it's just the opposite in the public sector. the higher the prices become, right? >> right. and look, the government has been involved increasingly, both republicans and democrats, for over four decades with the health care system which is why we haven't been able to see some of
. >> for the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it. >> all right. note that is a difference? as the obama care plans have gone live, some people have been notified that they can't keep their plans after all. here's why. most of the time it's because the plans they have don't meet the minimum standards of the affordable care act. that law requires everyone gets mental health care, maternity care and medication coverage. and out-of-pocket costs are capped at 6,350s $6,350 a year. now, with a few exceptions, the plans that don't meet that minimum will be gone. right? so unless you meet all three of those categories, your plan will not be offered. and the new plans offered that follow obama care requirements, they're more expensive often because they have to cover these extra items. now, the data mostly anecdotal right now. but for example, our elizabeth cohen spoke to a 34-year-old man who buys his own insurance. he's now paying $173 a month with a $5,000 deductible. his new plan would cost $244 a month with a deductible of more than $6,000. that costs more
offline for maintenance tonight. that's the website you sign up for insurance under the health care law. it will be down at 9 o'clock eastern immediately sunday morning at nine. people can sign up for insurance over the phone. >> president obama is putting support behind the marriage equality build in hawaii. they didn't prove a measure on wednesday. state house was supposed to vote friday. 4,000 turned out to testify, delaying the decision. if passed hawaii will be the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> still ahead - protesters taking to the streets of egypt angry about a comic pulled from the air. >> cyber bullying - more on the national campaign that hopes it reduce it. that's ahead. >>> in cairo protesters mamped in the streets -- marched in the streets hours after bassem yousseff was pulled off the air. he was called egypt's jon stewart. he was suspended before his show aircast. he was said to violate broadcast quality. the show will remain off the air until the dispute is settled. >> on the set bassem yousseff is talking to a vendor selling cakes and chocolate decorated
people are looking to join obama care can't get on, 6 people first day. people losing health insurance, millions of them, this company making over a billion dollars. >> this company making over a billion dollars. >> that's absolutely right. their role even more important now, handle the paper applications. if you send it in, these are the guys who will be receiving it and looking at it do we really trust them? >> sounds like we shouldn't. jillian thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> remember this guy, the bus driver who talked a woman off a bridge. we have a big update to the story. donald trump making him an offer he might not be able to refuse. details on that ahead. and, are you marathon ready? even if you are running around the block this morning. we are debunking top myths with our medical a-team. should you really load up on carbs the night before? we will tell you. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, tre
sure a 35-year-old male isn't going to deliver a baby. people have who have to have insurance for children they don't have. it's about the unsustainable dysfunction of obama care itself. >> in terms of the political stakes at play right now, the fallout for democrats going forward in the 2014 election, how do you see that playing out? many of them are very concerned about what this is going to do to their close races that are taking place in many states across the country. >> my advice to republicans and this was months and months ago, even more so before the shutdown, was look, don't overplay your land hand. you don't have to. the democrats are dissem blg in front of our eyes. back off and let them do it. they have to go out and defend this between now and the elections of 2014. let them play defense. they deserve the right to be on the field by themselves playing defense with the ball they don't want to be holding. i think it's important to realize that this is not a good time to be a democrat running for reelection because every person in the democratic party who voted for
the administration's own very serious mistakes. as rovner reported, obama's people naively figured republican states couldn't resist all that cash coming down from the federal government and would decide to create their own insurance exchanges and expand their medicaid programs. not so. republicans, it seems, have their principles, and health care for poor people is not one of them. ideology trumped money. republicans aside, obama care had its own built-in problem, born of original sin. and some of us have to resist the temptation to say, "we told you so"! four years ago we said the public option in health care, a kind of medicare for all, would be easier to launch and simpler to operate than the rube goldberg contraption that came to be known as obama care. rube goldberg, for those of you under a certain age, was the fellow who designed machines that made simple tasks much more complicated. back in 2009, when obama first became president, polls showed the public option was a popular idea. lots of americans were fed up with paying bloated premiums to giant insurance companies that charged us for the
to get information into peop people's heads. i don't think obama should have lied to people. >> it was a lie, wasn't it? >> hold on first of all, insurance companies are always dropping people. it went on before obama care and still. we're losing perspective. he couldn't have been so play tent to say ironclad guarantee. can you imagine what it would be like if he said yeah, some people your rates will go up. the thing passed by this much. if they said that, they might have lost the whole thing and politicians are always making compromises like that for crying out loud. they made a compromise on slavery. >> when i see the president of the united states repeatedly including the state of the union assuring the american people, look, you want to keep your doctor, plan you will. he said it again and again and again. >> let's look perspective again on this. why did we do this? why did obama -- a lot of people when they got into office said he made a big his stake. this is the economy. we went into this for a couple runs. upwards of 50,000 people were dying every year, needlessly d
? >> hold on first of all, insurance companies are always dropping people. it went on before obama care and still. we're losing perspective. he couldn't have been so play tent to say ironclad guarantee. can you imagine what it would be like if he said yeah, some people your rates will go up. the thing passed by this much. if they said that, they might have lost the whole thing and politicians are always making compromises like that for crying out loud. they made a compromise on slavery. >> when i see the president of the united states repeatedly including the state of the union assuring the american people, look, you want to keep your doctor, plan you will. he said it again and again and again. >> let's look perspective again on this. why did we do this? why did obama -- a lot of people when they got into office said he made a big his stake. this is the economy. we went into this for a couple runs. upwards of 50,000 people were dying every year, needlessly dying because they didn't have health coverage. if that many people died from terrorism we would probably be using nukes on some cou
's with to change in your insurance, and even if you're not signing up for a new obama care policy, what it could mean for you. >>> plus, what we'd like to call smart science. three tricks to help you run better. >>> but, first -- we've been investigating the impact that prescription drug overdoses in america for some time on this program. as you may know, someone dies every 19 minutes in this country because of such an overdose. and today i want to talk about a medicine that some people say could help stop this epidemic, but only if we get it in the hands of more people, not just doctors, but average people as well. now, look, it's controversial. but you're about to see this incredible video showing how it might work. what you're looking at is pretty shocking. a heroin addict overdosing. her name is liz. she's been using drugs since she was 11. today she's 29. adam wigglesworth and louise vincent were both with her that night in august. they both volunteer with a program in greensboro, north carolina, that provides clean needles and other assistance to addicts. >> she seemed to be pretty unrespo
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. >> for those who are contemplating pays more for health insurance and contemplating instead paying less, obviously they will be more cautious. i think the fact that obama care has been a fiasco, a disaster of poor planning and incredibly poor executive leadership, is even more important. it tells people we can't have confident in the people running the government of this country. that has much more to do with shopping in the holiday season than the difference in the premiums. people are scared by it. >> but christmas shopping sales, ben. >> yes. it will affect holiday shopping sales, it will. >> has there been any polling on this? i'm sorry to ask the question. is there any polling on this? >> on what? >> how do we know any of this? listen, we have a lousy economy. we all -- >> so you're saying you know for a fact that people are -- >> well, people know that -- >> the u.s. retail federation says this will be the weakest -- it's not they are great einsteins, but the weakest season in five years. >> we have a lousy economy. we have a president that wants to raise taxes. obama care, the on
people who have already signed up for coverage may have to pick another insurer. julie? >> reporter: that's because one of the 12 "covered california" insurers is not actually licensed by the state to sell coverage on the commercial market a requirement for being an obama car provider. they have removed alameda alliance for health from the exchange. they say it was initially included in the roster of available insurers because it was expected to get a commercial license by october 31. but "covered california" was notified that the state didn't approve the application. it's not clear how many people signed up with alameda alliance. but those who did will be contacted and asked to pick another insurer. >>> con artists are continuing to find new ways to carry out old scams. the irs is issuing a warning about scammers pretending to be irs agents. they are calling and telling people they owe back taxes and have to pay with a prepaid debit or credit cards saying scammers use fake names and irs badge numbers, may be able to reciter social security number and spoof the irs phone number to make i
, this story will change a lot. you see a lot of people get health insurance. people will like obama care more if the website starts working. the bad start doesn't necessarily doom it. if the website continues to be this ineffective, we have real challenges here. >> elise in your latest article you write about the darrell issa who issued that subpoena for kathleen sebelius. >> that's right. >> she already testified wednesday. what's he hoping to get now? >> he wants more documents. house oversight and government reform committee is one panel led by republicans among many that has been grilling hhs and hoping to get a load of documents that describe even just the first days of meetings about how many people had enrolled. they're really drilling down and hoping to get a level of detail. they feel hhs has not been spoonsive quickly enough. hhs says say they were impacted by the government shutdown and many of these who initial document requests happened when staff was on furlough. issa took this big step and decided to issue a subpoena. >> okay. elise vee beck and perry bacon junior, thank you bo
president obama's health care program will be down. will be offline from 9 o'clock eerp all the way until sunday morning at 9 o'clock. officials can sign up for insurance over the phone. >> thousands of red sox fans lined the streets of boston for a victory parade. the celebration was a third of its kind as boston won the series three times in the past 10 years. >> those are the headlines. i'll be back at 8 o'clock eastern. first, "fault line" collected all america's surveillance state is next. find us on line at have a good night. secrets are out. by now, most of the world has heard the name edward snowden. the former national security agency contractor who released thousands of classified documents about government surveillance in one of the most significant leaks in u.s. history. he's been charged with espionage and has been living in russia under temporary asylum. the american journalist at the center of the story lives in brazil. >> we've had to come to rio to speak to glenn greenwald. he hasn't returned to the united states since he broke the story about
the bottom line. >> the alabama department of public health says women without private health insurance have more than twice that of mothers covered. president obama says it would be an improvement over medicade. the program that many poor people depend on. >> it can be a game changer for a large population of patients who do not have insurance, or feel as though they cannot afford insurance. in some of alabama's poor areas, poor health, addiction and violence have been problems for decades - the same problems facing other poor neighbourhoods in america. erica knows what living without health care is like. she and her 4-year-old daughter live here. she's been homeless and lost a newborn living in the shelter. counselling. a lot of people need counselling. they can't get what they need unless they have insurance. >> outreach is key to lookout sheltering infant mortalitiy. >> community housing, community workers, any available avenues. >> as 2-week-old bailey hangs on to life. her mother believes the only reason she has a chance in the world is because of insurance. >> insurance is taking car
disaster for the obama administration both in terms of image and impact, all for the very simple reason the website has not worked. the driving principle behind the site is to acquaint uninsured americans with the various health insurance plans available to them to entice them to sign up for what is the signature legislative achieve. of this president. if the success of that plan depends on getting young people to sign up, young and healthy people to buy into this system, expand the poll to offset the cost of older americans, all that is true, it is critically important that the main vehicle actually works. just yesterday, darrell issa's house oversight committee released document, that were meeting notes allegedly from the 4.7 million americans who trapped down the site on its opening day, only six people enrolled on an insurance plan on that day. day two according to issa documents, 248 actual enrollments have taken place. the obama administration has not released its own numbers. if they stand, they are incredibly low, low numbers are not all that unusual t. dwrd that most people don
. >>> an embarrassing start to obama care. we now know on the day the obama website launched six users successfully enrolled. >> and on day two, the number got better, but 248 signed up. but compare that to the millions of americans without health insurance. >> lori segal is following this story. lori, a huge part of the problem is this website. what is being done to fix it? >> reporter: absolutely. we heard president obama essentially say we're going to bring in the tech, the best and the brightest folks. and now we know. they're saying silicon valley to the rescue, brought in engineers from oracle, google, red hatd, and one of the guy, michael dickerson, an engineer at google for seven year, a site reliability engineer nonetheless. what these folks are going to do is try to help with three things. reliability, stability, and scalability. so being able to fix these bugs that we keep seeing more and more of them. and, also, making it so you can add server capacity, so people can actually get on the website, you know, browse plan, and enroll. i mean, as you said, six people on that first day, that's
to be left in the lurch. and the individual market is -- it's a difficult place to buy insurance now. because people go in, they don't have a lot of information. often they buy policies that are skimpy. the administration says that president obama is promised that if you like what you have you can keep it. that they had grandfathered in all these old policies. the fact is the grandfather clause didn't work. it excluded a lot of people. and it was -- gwen: and could opt out of it. >> companies could opt out of it and also didn't apply to any policy that was written after the middle of 2010. and most people renew these policies year to year. so a lot of those people are going to be in the lurch. gwen: let's speak more -- broader about -- isn't the whole idea of insurance that you're supposed to be in a risk pool, that you're supposed to share the risk and paying for something you won't necessarily get? and the complaints about these canceled policies are people not getting the policy they want is they're paying for something that they didn't want. like maternity care if they're single. >> if th
. >> $95 sounds like a better deal. but i have previously not had insurance, so i know the pain that goes with not having insurance. >> i'm not really worried about it, because i'm already covered. >> if i was 26, i probably look into obama care more. >> none of my friends have signed up. nobody is interested in current obama care offering. >> republican senator tim scott joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. good to be back with you. >> what do you make of the fact that this -- obama care is dependent on the young and the healthy, buying in droves to support older and the sick. is that happening or is it going to happen? >> i think that's unrealistic expectation for obama care. think about it this way. young adults have unemployment rate near 17%. they graduate from college, cannot find a job, they have student loans that are due. they would like to buy a house one day and now they are being told that they have to buy a policy they don't really want. it's not going to happen. in south carolina alone, student graduates from clemson university, 26, 27 years old. he is looking a
publicly asked president obama to end all u.s. drone strikes. but scott, they clearly remain a very useful counterterror tool. >> pelley: margaret, thanks very much. jeffrey zients is the man overseeing the repair of the federal government's health insurance web site. he said today they are quote on track, end quote, to have it done by the end of the month. our sharyl attkisson broke the news yesterday that nationwide only six policies were purchased the entire first day that the site was on-line. sharyl is back with us tonight with more, sharyl? >> reporter: scott, the obama administration didn't dispute those enrollment numbers reported in government meeting notes. six the first day as you said, just six. 248 by the end of day two. white house spokesman jay carney said they haven't really-- released enrollment fillings because the numbers have to be checked and accurate and he downplayed expectations. >> let me just tell you now, november 1. we don't expect those numbers to be very high. and we never did. but they're going to be even lower because of the challenges we've had with the web
at else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's yo policy? >>> this morning, my question -- what are the women of texas going to do now? and we'll answer calls about obama care. plus the connection between slavery and the ivy league. but first why we all stop whatever else we are doing when the shooting happens in an airport. good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. today new details are emerging about yesterday's shooting at los angeles international airport that left one transportation security administration agent dead and seven others wounded including the shooter. this video from tmz shows the chaotic scene inside the airport as the shooting was happening. the alleged gunman identified by officials as 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia opened fire in terminal three before being shot and taken into custody. 39-year-old jgerardo hernandez was killed. by now, these detail, the victim, the shooter, the place, they've become a familiar litany in the wake of shootings that have captured national attention for their current and public sett
, the obama administration is promising to fix the befuddled health care website. now the ceo of the first private insurance exchange is offering to help. we'll talk to him ahead. >>> a community calls for justice in northern california after a 13-year-old carrying a toy gun is shot and killed by a police deputy. was his race a factor there? we'll talk to a civil rights leader who's joining the call. >>> and later, hip-hop, humor and public health. it's today's "big idea." >>> we're going to start in the west where travelers at los angeles international airport are seeing an increased security presence today. it could be days before the airport returns to normal after friday's shooting that left a tsa officer dead and others wounded. nbc's miguel almaguer has been covering the story for us over the last day. good day to you, miguel, and what's the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon. we know that terminal three where the investigation is taking place where the shooting happens remains shut down to the public. they are allowing some passengers who were inside that terminal during the shooti
and said, okay, fine, you know, president obama is terrible, this whole health care reform is awful, let's just defund aca, we're with you. what then would be the republican strategy for addressing both the individual question of insurance coverage and the larger issue of the national debt, which is occurring as a result of skyrocketing health care costs? what is the alternative. that's going to be 2014's message. last i checked i'm not running for the united states senate. but i have friends who are. the question is to fix it is you have a bill that was rushed through that was pretty quick. it's going to go -- >> that's a critique. >> it is. and one of the fixes, well, we'll figure out which politicians get that right and which is really the actually they're going to do it. >> every plan that went forward initially, even though they didn't become law, were plans that had actually left more americans uncovered, particularly slashing medicaid or, as we seef een the republican plan in state who is simply refused the medicaid expansion like louisiana, we now have millions of people who coul
now know that on the day the obama care launched, only six users successfully enrolled. >> but day two got better, 248. but that's barely a drop in the bucket compared to the millions of americans without health insurance. >> and we're laurie, part of the problem is the website. what's being done to fix this things thing? >> reporter: we're getting an identify of who the president has brought in to help. he's brought in google, reds hat, or cal, so some of these major silicon valley companies that he's expecting folks to come in and fix three things. essentially reliability, stability, and scale ability. and this man who works at google, he's a site reliability engineer. and what he's going to be doing is fix these bugs and do it in an efficient and quick way and get the site up and running. we know there are have been major issues with this. >> there are a lot of people wondering where were all of these people in the initial lauchblg of the website. so if this isn't up and running soap, what's the impact? >> you know there could be a huge impact. our own wolf blitzer actually spoekd s
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